Saturday, March 27, 2010

rather encouraging

In response to this Miami Herald article, two users have already mentioned that said article contains little if no information about the subject in question, revisions to Miami 21.

Glad to not be the only show in town laughing at idiot journalism.

On Freedom

Google is leaving China.
This makes me sad. The poor chinese. Now their next best alternative is a company that is in cahoots with the government.

Friday, March 12, 2010

so you know i'm not dead

in my city of north miami beach, and actually down the street from me, a new charter school will go.
I could look it up now to make the argument seem reasonable, but instead try this on for size.

Have you heard about the charter schools in dade county being closed down due to inability to turn a profit?
Many details are lacking here, with no clear explanation of who will pay to build the school, it seems that the City of Now More Beautiful will only donate land for the project? Who knows, thanks for trying herald!

Other curiosities:
what sort of presentation did Mater Academy make to the council? How long has the council and the Academy been in dealings over this issue?
Is Mater Academy only operating the school? Who is funding its construction? and then afterwards?

From my understanding charter schools use government money, but run their schools like businesses instead of monopolies. Or that's the fantasy of it.

What's a charter school? Who knows!