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NEMAC Timeline Part 3 January 21, 2015

The Mayor's Memorandum included a convenient timeline highlighting a period in which the county stopped considering the question of incorporation.

I don't know if the NEMAC completed their study by April of 2005, but since it doesn't appear in the timeline I assume as much. The Board of County Commissioners established a moratorium on incorporation in November of 2005. A moratorium prohibits an activity. (Like President Obama's 2010 moratorium on offshore drilling.)
In 2012 the BCC changed its mind and lifted the moratorium. Two and a half years later Commissioner Heyman reintroduced the NEMAC officially. However according the the Mayor's Memorandum the NEMAC reconvened February 2013, almost two years before.
To this date I have not discovered under whose authority they met, nor who called any of these meeting, but I have inquired with county staff.
I also await the minutes for these NEMAC meetings. Hopefully those can address some of these concerns.
On to the Reso…

East and North to Highland Oaks Neighborhood Walk Around August 14, 2018

As I planned, on my walk today I traveled East into the single family residential neighborhood. I didn't walk yesterday due to the rainy weather. Likely in the future I won't skip my walk on account of rain.
While I took many photos I didn't necessarily do a lot of noticing because I did not have familiarity with much of what I came across. I live pretty close to where I usually work, but I tend to take the same route every day. I availed myself to the chance of seeing places I hadn't before. For the most part I let the incorporation signs guide me! So expect to see a bunch of those, and some random other thoughts. Press on an image 

Look at these dipping swales! I wonder how much higher the road is than the first floor of the condominiums on the north side of 191st Street. Also notice how much the driveway drips fro the street to the parking lot.

This part of the neighborhood has terrible car problems. Not only do we drive 30 mph down a high density residential stree…

Neighborhood Walk Around August 8,9, 2018

I decided to start walking daily to get fresh sunlight while awaiting my work year to start. As a typical millennial I couldn't help taking pictures of anything that caught my attention. Given my recent strong of posts regarding incorporation I couldn't help fixating on thoughts of what the county doesn't do well that a city might accomplish more efficiently and effectively. I invite you to spy some untypical views of my community, and my thoughts of them. On these two walks (Thursday and Friday) I went south so Skylake Plaza,  and back.  On Monday I will instead walk east towards the single family neighborhood.