Tuesday, December 15, 2009

In this Herald article about the Omni CRA (what does that stand for?") the current Mayor of Miami is not referenced until the end of the article.
And I noticed that these pieces rarely explain when the quotes were taken.


Short puff piece on Consumer Services Department of Miami-Dade County resolving $102,000 in financial disputes this month, and over one million dollars so far this year.

I can imagine some times I'd like to report businesses for the crap they do to me and others.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My old town of Surfside was in the news. They're implementing new parking ordinances for hotels made in the future. Although Surfside didn't strike me as all that busy when I lived there, it's been rather kicking lately, and I guess that was bound to happen, as it's happening in every other part of Miami Beach.
Much of the mainland isn't so lucky of course.

In regards to parking issues in Surfside, I'd recommend building a parking garage that could manage all those pesky cars. However this town is very picky about the height of structures, and going down is certainly not an option.
Oh well, sucks for them. Can't have your cake and eat it too. If you want a thriving commercial district you either need lots of space, or must be willing make height concessions.

Neighboring village of Bal Harbor gave up on height restrictions a long long time ago.

Why'd she quit?

The Herald has another very weak piece online that fails given the content of the article fails to provide very important information.

Opa-Lacka's attorney resigned before a recent commission meeting because later at that meeting the commission was expected to fire her. That's all well and good, but if I want to understand anything about the situation in my sister city of Opa-Lacka, wouldn't it be nice to know why they were going to fire her?

As usual, the "similar stories" are Opa-Lacka related, but don't cover this issue which they even mention was brought up at a commission meeting previously. I'd go in to it myself, but I'm done with that and have dozens or articles more to read.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Miam Dade College Financial Aid Office, 121109, Vassalage anew

While I'm not one to blame someone for something they didn't do, I don't want to give anyone more credit than they're due. The staff members at Miami Dade College's financial aid office are certainly due a certain kind of attention. I haven't seen a wait shorter than an hour in months. Today I was waiting for over three hours before I had to leave to take care of other things.
I'll be back tomorrow morning, but at least this time I'll have the right form in hand.

Wish they would have told me some months ago.

I can't tell you the number of times people came up to one of these windows and started their greeting with, "Hello, I was here a few ago and..." There are some serious organizational issues. Or perhaps that's the issue altogether.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Fallen behind on my duties, so I'll link spam today with commentary.

This isn't the first time FPL has been in the news of late. Their in wait for an approval of a rate increases amounting to over one billion dollars. Or else they'll have layoffs and cancel programs. Not that I support FPL, but why don't they try to set it up so that rates would increase incrementally over time, rather than in noticeable jumps every once in a while?
A woman in Boynton Beach (from the AP) hit two girls, kills one. I wonder if she was charged more or less harsh than a girl who recently received sentencing on a similar hit and run.
Spanish language production company Univision is opening a studio in Miami. I generally don't like spanish language television content, so I won't hold my breath on how this venture turns out, but it would be nice if they produced some documentary material about the lives of latin americans in Miami.
Another AP story, this one about a bill in the State Congress attempting to fund Tri-Rail to vie for Federal stimulus money. Is there a trend with the AP having the best local news?
Superficial AP piece about cuts in school funding in the State. Interesting fact claiming families are leaving florida at a faster rate than they're coming. No link or cite. And estimates that private school kids will flock to public schools, who now have less money.
First local piece of the night, Rothstein's relationship with Broward police.
Profile of a struggling single mother. I didn't read the whole thing.
Very weak and hollow piece about a petition to recall County Mayor Alvarez. No real explanation as to why Mr. Gonzalez is intent on recalling the Mayor. What are his Grievances? They even bother to have the Mayor's spokeswoman defend him, despite a lack of charges.

Monday, December 7, 2009

But how many was it?

The Miami Herald again forgets to answer the question it poses to the audience.
In this particular article the author discusses laptop theft on metrorail. He claims readers e-mailed him about this very issue.

Unfortunate then that he doesn't tell us how many laptops have been reported as stolen on the metrorail.
I'd be interested in knowing.

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