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The Strange Death of Alexandre Nicolas

On Saturday, January 25, 2014 Sunny Isles Police pulled 20 year old Alexandre Nicolas over in a stop that resulted in his death. According to the Miami Herald, via police statement, the young Nicolas fled police custody, while in handcuffs, and attempted an escape in a nearby canal. He drowned in that canal.

The Herald Article claims the detainment resulted from some kind of police scanner alerting Sunny Isles Police of a stolen vehicle. An article in WSVN posted one week after the incident, reporting on a memorial held for Nicolas, states his family retained a lawyer to inquire in to the incident. (that article was most recently updated in March)

Aside from these two articles I am unable to find any other original content about the incident.  Vagueness plagues these two reports. Different circumstances elicit less interest, but this tale of a popular and friendly man dying understand strange circumstances raises both eyebrows.
One line from the Herald report stands out particularly fo…