Saturday, December 24, 2011

Occupy Miami, occupy yourself/together

A spot of trouble getting the ball rolling, some of Occupy Miami hope to move towards phase two with the coming new year. Hoping to make a splash at the King Mango Strut in Coconut Grove on December 31, Occupants aspire to establish relationships with the Miami-Dade County community.
The county has been more tempered in its response to occupation than other areas, but those harsh responses are partly credited with increasing community support for the movement.
Lacking an easily targeted oppressor, the local Occupation suffers the growing pains and internal turmoil of any modern family. With the symbolic changing of years Occupy Miami may refine its intentions, thereafter its actions.


Much to discuss, least of which:

  • 2012 presidential election; republican candidates, Ron Paul; Obama, breaking promises, perpetuating war and destruction
  • US-Iran conflict; how USFG cultivates influence on media to weave a fictitious narrative of  
  • Occupy Wallstreet and Occupy Miami, activism in Miami-Dade County and its role in the future of miami.
  • Homelessness in Miami and the circumstances of the Homeless; pottinger v. city of miami; public space/property more generally
  • Greatest Depression, ongoing economic destabilization and the disintegration of the market as we know it; bailouts, inflation
I should try to focus on some more local issues, let me mention my community service issue of 2012--banning military recruitment in public schools.

Friday, December 16, 2011

a problem?

although surely not the explanation for every instance, it occurred to me that some may be bums because of how little exertion it requires.

Open Letter on Incorporation Facts

Neighbors, We will vote in November on whether to become a city. If Yes wins, our county commissioner will select a committee of resid...