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Barriers of Entry

In economics (or any field) barriers of entry describe institutional and systemic conditions preventing new firms entering a market.

There are two interesting barriers to entry of journalism: access to information and availability of dissemination.

Someone chewed me out elsewhere regarding analogies, therefore I intend to flesh this one out more.
The concept in economics concerns the ability to for new firms to enter a market. Infrastructure costs cultivate institutional malaise. This lack of momentum cannot maintain pace as consumers' tastes refine and discernment alter.
The ideal type of a free market economy affords competitors, or would bes, the marginal opportunity to squeeze in to a competitors market, and in some cases develop new ones.

While one can imagine a case in which and older and newer company coexist in a similar or the same market, modernity is no stranger to another important economic concept coined creative destruction, in which a firm or a process or an idea su…

North Miami's Loss

Local blogger Stephanie Kienzle of recently ended her journalistic relationship with the city of North Miami. This is a pretty big deal because as I know it she was the only journalist covering North Miami.
Discerning news reader know better than to rely on the information coming out of the Miami Herald, which is more legitimizes the powers that be than producing any actual journalism.
Like another local blogging hero, Al Crespo, Stephanie is a citizen journalist whose work calls in to question the journalistic quality of government-condoned media institutions, like our local TV stations, or aforementioned Herald. Part of what I mean, and I've written about previously, is the habit of mainstream media to plagiarize the journalism of bloggers, and do it poorly so as to lose the relevance of the original efforts.
Although perhaps remembered most for doing the leg work in the Myron Rosner arrest, has many example of journalism. Rather than parroting…