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emptiness is next to godliness

Exmiami reports that the old Miami Herald building has not had any advertising on its sides for ten days. These advertisements face a highway, which is not only technically illegal (though god forbid the City of Miami ever do it's actual job) but an exploitive distraction.

I hope Genting, the company which is tearing down the Herald Building, keeps the adverts down too!

the two-tiered first ammendment protections of presstitutes and citizenry

The slew of citizen journalist arrests at protests deemed unauthorized demonstrates a clear double standard in the protections municipalities and their police grant regarding the first amendment. While orders to disperse from public streets are constitutionally questionable on face, the arbitrary discrimination between government condoned journalists and anyone else on the scene raises startling questions with human rights violation implications.
As if working together like members of a team, corporate sponsored mainstream media representatives are literally given a game plan by the policy media liason, as everyone else is treated like a criminal for what is a clear expression of the constitutionally protected right to assemble freely.

While I am interested in any cases which have augmented the 1st amendment to allow governments to impose time or place restrictions, the wording itself suggests no scope of time or place, which implies all collective spaces more than any other are subjec…