Monday, October 28, 2013

does anyone live there? / how cold does it get?

One blog i follow is exmiami, which covers development/architecture in Miami. Mostly just a bulletin board, it reports of events in those areas with a coldness reserved usually to press releases. In that respect though stories like this one about a building in the works on 26th street near biscayne boulevard are interesting for little tidbits like, "An apartment building on the site will be demolished."

I wonder if anyone lives in that apartment building. Field trip?

On another note unrelated to that project, but related to my comment on exmiami's cold reporting of development news: exmiami puts its nose in the City of Miami Beach mayoral election with a fluffy hit piece on candidate Steve Burke questioning his residency in the city.
This same tactic was apparently used on an opponent of his, Gongora, at some point in the past.

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