Thursday, October 18, 2012

Biscayne Landing Fund Town Hall Meeting, hosted by Scott Galvin, 2012/10/18

City council will spend the money at the final meeting in October, 23. Galvin says its worth going, and that community uproar has helped prevent some catastrophes in the recent past.

Galvin wants to withhold the money for a rainy day, or to see what will come of the local economy. Does not know if the council feels the same way, and if they're dead set on spending it he wants some good options for how to spend the money.
Those present have paper ballots where they can give input for an unofficial unscientific ballot. Galvin particularly warns about a looking pension deficit crisis facing the city.

Someone asks about PAL youth center and suggests buying old Miami Way theater.
Someone asks about 143 st road in to FIU. FIU wants a second entrance to the campus, according to Galvin, and cannot afford to build it. FIU suggests 135th street.
Someone asks about moca, and mentions how great it is. Reminds about money that was promised to moca but not given due to something relating to BL. Mentions nonprofit feeding elderly losing over 100k.
Shirley of pony ranch at enchanted forest wants sand for the coral.

Galvin's personal opinion on manager's suggestions is that it's all centered at city hall, not the city.

Someone else asks about 143, Galvin doesn't know more but expects they will be back soon. And another question.
A question about a new car dealership on 119 and Biscayne.
Comments about upgrade to Cagne park.

Councilwoman talks about investing the money and using interest only, particularly for grant writing.

Again it's brought up whether it's worth it or not to show up. Is it a done deal?

Linda, Realtor, brings up city funding for housing. Beckons the audience to show up.
Marc feels like a powerless individual and group against corruption. Mentions the privatization of sanitation as example of how public opinion doesn't matter.
"If he wasn't in tune to the east side before..." regarding mayoral candidate who voted for privatization.

Vinnie appeals to everyone that although some battles are lost some have been won specifically by community effort, and the war is fought and won in the long term.
It is brought up that this is a voting base.

Elizabeth Acosta, volunteer at library. Sees the need for a good library. Gets me watery eyed in less than two minutes.
Terry points out something regarding more fishiness around the trucks, and the city manager could technically give the trucks away without council approval.

Someone "echoes the sentiment" that if everyone here tonight shows up Tuesday it could make a significant difference.
It is brought up how long meetings are and taxing on citizens.

Galvin brings up that the 99k for the sidewalk pressure cleaning has been tabled. Explains the story to the audience briefly.
Jeff asks about a wall around San Souci.

Someone brought up Linda's comment, mentions a federal grant for purchasing homes, fix them, and sell them. Not to give the money away for free. What happened to the money? Also, how many leads have been foreclosed for code violations? Something to do with losing money , or not making the most economic decisions.

Susy, of San Souci, mentions city manager comments about stability of city budget and a surplus. Is something in place to refund furloughs?

Housing brought up again, particularly Steryle's mother getting a house on our money.

Imperfect notes, obviously. Galvin ends meetings.

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