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Word, Miami. Is there a future?

Journalism is a useful tool for a self-aware society. Just as individuals need to be aware of their own internal relations, journalism give us the tools to find society's cancers and deal with them reasonably.
Without a functioning journalism the diseases which ravage our society go unnoticed by the consensus necessary to effect change.
The bastions of old media are often not journalists, but rather whores to the dictates of other cultural phenomena like bills and greed. We need more than this, and as such I have lost neither my interest not commitment to watching and participating in the new media.
To that end I'm going to focus a bit on how to organize information in the creation of journalism or the means by which one is journalistic. Some important though mundane aspects of this prospective include:

  • creating, organizing, editing and using physical media to convey "facts"
  • determining effective best practices for sharing information
  • journalism is not a popularity contest. other than the dictates of individual needs and will it should be about conveying the facts to as many relevant or interested beings as possible
  • what is a speculation or a fact; to what extent are arbitrary cultural paradigms useful in contextualizing social circumstances, and when does such reliance degrade the clarity of facts
These are all focused on the idea of methodology for creating news as such.

To remove dominance of the medium, and the current methodologies, in ease of creating journalism the various steps should be modulated to allow, for instance, automation when necessary, or others to easily contribute their module to the production of the "piece" or whatever it is that's being made.

The news is the goal, and this in itself requires delicate handing once it is produced. In the new media a story can be edited over time as errors are discovered or new information uncovered. These changes can be sufficiently documented for propriety.
A new story can later update the goings on of a particular news narrative and again the new media allows us to adequately document the relationship between this new story and media that had been produced previously.

This curative aspect of journalism is also important for the proper life of news because otherwise the community is left without chronological context important in mature consideration of social phenomena.

More to be said, this is not a revolution, or a reset. This continues.


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