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NEMAC Timeline Part 1 April 8, 2003

April 8, 2003
Commissioner Sally A Heyman placed on the BCC agenda a "Resolution creating and establishing the Northdeast Dade Advisory Committee."
The resolution language states that "a group of residents...expressed an interest in creating a new municipality...or annexing to one or more existing." Resolution No. R-341-03 attempted to attend to that interest in six sections.

Section 1 establishes boundaries. With North Miami Beach serving as the southern boundary one can't help asking questions about how City of NMB got to look the way it does.
Photo courtesy of Miami-Dade County

Starting at the upper left/north-west side of the border, how did they get that triangle on the east side of Snake Creek Canal? A private religious school sits there. I presume there are demographic reasons why that became part of NMB, however I wonder when and how that happened. I also wonder why the giant doughnut hole just to the south of this.
Then there's the peach colored hand of NMB ripping up through the proposed area to surround Skylake only. Dozens of houses on either side of this odd boundary line sit in different jurisdictions for some historical reason I hope to soon discover. Again one wonders why and when this happened. Persons with knowledge of these oddities can feel free to contact me with information.
Finally please where I circle the golf course of Greynold's Park
Fancy zoning map
According to this zoning map, the golf course is not a part of NMB. Google maps also corroborates that the golf course is not a part of NMB.
All this simply leads me to ask, why does the first map at the top show the golf course in one color as if it were a part of North Miami Beach, and the rest of Greynold's park in green, as if it would become part of the new city? I find this extremely misleading. When did the county first start using this version of the map? What would the map accurately look like if the county had the land it would retain control of in a different color? (Someone submit such a thing to me!)

Section 2 details the composition of the NEMAC, including that all members should live in the area and get appointed by Commissioner Heyman
Section 3 sets a minimum of two public hearings where the public can express their views.
Section 4 requires, prior to the first public hearing, NEMAC members watch "County Commission Workshop on Incorporation" of January 14, 1999; become familiar with related written materials presented to the BCC.
I would very much like a copy of this report!

Section 5 likewise requires, prior to the first public hearing, that the Office of Management and Budget prepare a report concerning incorporation or annexation according to procedures and guidelines of Code Of Miami Dade County 20-22(A) and (B), 20-23(B), and 20-26 and shall prepare a study to be reviewed by the committee and presented at the public hearings.

This report and study hypothetically set the paradigm in which the NEMAC explored the possiblity of incorporation. This may be an important document.

Section 6 gives the NEMAC one year to prepare and submit an advisory report, their responsibilities terminating thereafter. Of particular importance, the resolution states regarding the report that it "shall address the results of the report prepared by the county staff and the incorporation or annexation concerns" of the BCC and county staff, "and the manner in which those concerns may be alleviated in the event" of incorporation.

The final section stands out for particularly confusing jargon. What does it mean to "address the results of" a report? And likewise  "the manner in which those concerns may be alleviated" in the case of incorporation or annexation? From the inception of this process the county already stipulates a negotiation between selected members of the community, and the interest and directions of the BCC and county staff. While these parties need not engage in adversarial negotiation, it seems important to at least note the ultimate responsibility of the NEMAC in responding to and addressing the concerns of the county.

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