Monday, July 30, 2018

NEMAC Timeline Part 2 April 13, 2004

When the Board of County Commissioners created the Northeast Municipal Advisory Committee they gave it one year to complete its duties. A year later when they failed to do so the BCC had to create and establish the committee again.

As with part 1, I want to highlight the important details of the ordinance. It does little more than resuscitate the ideas passed a year prior.

The previous ordinance specifies a study by the Office of Budget and Management, but this one does not, simply alluding to "the study prepared by County staff."
As with my part 1 I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the language "concerns of members of the Board" because it emphatically establishes the responsibility of the NEMAC to the BCC to address their concerns as a fundamental purpose of that committee. It also colors the direction of HOW the NEMAC would fulfill purpose 1, "review the possible incorporation" with the satisfaction of the BCC in mind.
Let me keep this in perspective to not seem unrealistic in my analysis. As the elected representatives of Miami-Dade County the BCC has the power and the will to decide on these matters and therefore has every privilege to demand satisfaction of any incorporation request made to them however it bothers me that addressing the concerns of resident electors was never a part of the NEMACs purpose. That they were required to listen to their concerns serves as nothing more than lip-service when the ordinance language stands clear.

I bring this up again as a reminder to myself that I at least want to get my hands on these things

The BCC only gives the NEMAC one year along with the secondary cut-off of the completion of their report. As we all know they did not succeed this time either. In late 2005 the county placed a moratorium on incorporation, stopping the question temporarily.

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