Monday, November 16, 2009

Notions and Motions

I like the idea of blogs, but find that those I attempt to create never meet my standards.

This is another attempt.
I want to review, post, and critique news happening around Miami-Dade County, most specifically the areas in which I spend the most time, North Miami Beach, City of Miami and Miami Beach.

The local big name newspaper, the Miami Herald, lacks most semblances of journalistic integrity. They have no system for collecting and disseminating local news. Like other corporate media they cover stories that sell papers. Good for them. Great for me as well as they will provide the majority of the fodder for this blog.

However the biggest hurdles, I believe, in making a successful blog are organization and the formatting of the blog posts themselves. So work in progress, a?

I'm hoping to have the first news related post up later today. It will cover the recent suspension of City of Miami Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones on suspicion of various crimes related to misusing City money, and fraud.
My angle? Everyone's treating her like she's guilty, but none of the news sources are providing evidence linking Spence-Jones to the crimes themselves. (which were certainly committed)
But that's later.

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