Thursday, November 26, 2009

the wrong message?

A young girl who was driving during deadly hit-and-run has been given probation and community service hours, according to the AP, via the Miami Herald.

It's really disappointing. As sure as I may be that she didn't do it on purpose, what message does this send?

This comes close to a month after the fatal hit-and-run of a local student, Rodolfo Rojos, who was killed while riding his biycyle on Biscayne Bouldevard on October 30th.
That story was never reported by a news source as a simply search through google news will corroborate. Quite sad. The Transit Miami post about this tragedy has letters written by Rodolfo's family lamenting the loss, and demonstrating their deep love for him.

What's wrong with us, and what's wrong the Miami Herald? Miami New Times?

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